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5 Favorite Filipino Foods for Every Occasion

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Best Fried Chicken in Davao

They said, the Filipino cuisine is the cuisine of sharing. This is why in most cook books and blogs, you’ll always read and hear the phrases “this is good for 4-5 servings,” “can be served up to 3 people,” and so on and so forth. As much as Filipinos love food, we also love sharing the food we have. This is why in most parties, we make sure that the food served is always more than what we really need.

Filipinos have a knack for combining exquisite flavors and making it our own. This is why in most parties, we always serve unpretentious, delectable Filipino dishes. Of all the food served in our tables, statistics says that these are the top 5 Filipino food favorites that should always be in every party:

  1. Chicken Adobo- Known and loved by everyone, Chicken Adobo is the most served Filipino dish in every party. This is usually a meat marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, bay leaves, and other spices you want to use. There are many unique ways to cook Chicken Adobo but the best one so far is the one slow cooked  in a heavy bottomed clay pot. Since it is the most common dish served, it is also quite challenging to find an affordable Filipino food online that captures the specific Filipino taste in an adobo. Xpress Eats on the other hand made sure that we have the right amount of spices and just a hint of sweetness that will be greatly appealing to your palettes.
  2. Humba- This is a delicious braised pork belly with savory-sweet soy-vinegar sauce with a distinguishing taste of tausi cooked until tender. This is why it is most absolutely the first one off the table in every party. It is best paired with rice and Filipinos’ favorite drink, Coca-Cola. Xpress Eats offers a Humba party tray great for your next intimate party. With our melt-in-your mouth Humba with just the right kick of spices in each bite, it will surely be one of the highlights of the night.
  3. Pasta-  Filipinos love pasta. Especially the kids. Two of the most appealing food in a party for them is the classic sweet Filipino spaghetti and the creamy Carbonara pasta. So if you want to make sure kids have the time of their lives in a party, never forget to include pasta on your menu. If you are looking for an affordable restaurant that delivers pasta for your kid’s birthday party, Xpress Eats offer creamy and extra cheesy Carbonara party trays! This, we were told, is one dish the kids could not get enough of.
  4. Fried Chicken- This dish can be seen in every table in any party. Filipinos love crispy fried chicken that has a great taste. One of Xpress Eats best dishes is our crispy on the outside juicy on the inside fried chicken. Make sure to serve this one on your next get together and everyone will surely love you more.
  5. Mixed Vegetables - Filipinos always think of everything when it comes to a party. The menu should be complete: pork, chicken, seafood, and vegetables. This is why one of the staple foods offered in every party is a plateful of mixed vegetables. Xpress Eats offers a buttered stir fried fresh vegetables that has scored both taste and texture in one meal. With its rich flavor, the young ones and the young at heart will sure love this. 

If all this talk about party food is making you think of “where to eat near me” then don’t worry! Xpress Eats also offers single packed meals good for your Filipino comfort food cravings. Simply head on to our website, order what you need, and we’ll deliver it to you in a heartbeat. 

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