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A Seaside Dining Experience in the South of Davao

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Seaside Grill House

Most of us tend to gratify ourselves with a long weekend trip, good food by the beach, or an intimate dinner with a loved one when everything feels a little too much for our own peace. May this be due to the overlapping stress at work or simply too much exertion of energy when running after deadlines, we always find a way to come up with something to look forward to. 

However, three months since the pandemic started and the idea of indulging ourselves seems a little bit selfish now. Planning a trip, going to the beach, and even date nights are now considered risks. And with our safety and that of our loved ones on the line, we choose to be extra careful. Despite the sudden pause of all the simple gifts we tend to enjoy, life had to go on. Workload kept piling, deadlines came a bit faster than they used to, and taking care of the family during a pandemic is proving to be more and more challenging by the day. Undeniably, we all need a break. A small piece of solitude. A slice of the quiet normal we used to have.

Perhaps what they say is true, we only get to appreciate some things when we are confronted with the scarcity of them--like the little gifts of solitude we used to enjoy. With the shift of quarantine protocols, more and more restaurants are now operating again. There are even new ones budding from this chaos.

A 2020 new restaurant, Seaside Grill House will be offering a seaside dining experience for you and your family. It is the twin sister of Xpress Eats but it is located in a serene, al fresco venue where you can enjoy nature’s dainty gifts-- the cold, salty sea breeze and the relaxing sound of waves. Its menu also slightly differs from the former as its selections include fresh catch, grilled seafood and farm fresh meat and produce waiting for you to feast on. We will also be including most of Filipino favorites in our menu to make sure that you get the quality time and soulful food you’ve been craving for months. 

For intimate family affairs, Seaside Grill House also offers two pavilions in a gated area. This ensures both privacy and security in any event you’d want to share with us. With our spacious parking space and staff well acquainted with safety protocols, we assure a service no less than what you deserve.

If you are too busy to take a break but want to enjoy good and fresh grilled seafood and meat at home, Seaside Grill House is the curbside food  pick up for you. Pause for a while and enjoy the fresh breeze and calming sound of the waves while waiting for your food. Seaside Grill House is a local restaurant in Davao City that is a perfect secluded food destination to relax, take a quiet time for yourself, and be one with nature. Nestled in the south of Davao City, where the sky is said to meet the sea, Seaside Grill House offers a safe space, quality elevated food, and a breathtaking landscape great to escape reality for a while. We will be grilling very soon and we’d love for you to come and grill with us! To keep updated, stay tuned to our website, and be ready for pleasant surprises coming your way. See you there!

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