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Appetizers for your Parties at Xpress Eats Davao

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Best Filipino Food in Davao City

Who doesn’t love appetizers? They are simple and tasty. More importantly, it keeps you looking forward to the main course. An appetizer is usually a small dish of food taken before the main course to stimulate the appetite of each guest. The flavors of the appetizers are often coordinated with the flavors of the main dish. More known to us Filipinos as the finger food, these choices go well with your favorite booze. To make planning intimate get-togethers easier, Xpress Eats, a food online delivery in Davao, now also offers appetizers in our menu. Choose from these luscious dishes and make your get-together even more special with us. 

  • Chicken Buffalo Wings. Enjoy a set of crispy breaded chicken coated with just the right hint of hot sauce and butter that will surely leave you wanting more. With our combination of crispy skin, juicy chicken, drool-worthy sauce, and a rich and creamy sauce, this can be served on its own. But for a better experience, you might want to throw in some sweet potatoes on the side with it. You’d be surprised how this compliments the buffalo wings. Simply dab a hearty butter on it, bake, and as simple as that, the perfect combination is served.
  • Crispy Sisig with Egg. Filipinos’ favorites in every barkada night out. Enjoy this savory and extra meaty goodness at the comforts of your own home. Though more often served as an appetizer, Filipinos love making this the ultimate pulutan. Paired with egg and sometimes an extra rice, it is a known favorite of Titos and Titas out there. 
  • Calamares Fritos. Golden, crunchy rings of fried squid with well seasoned spices and a whole lot of crisp. Paired up with our special Xpress Eats sauce, an elevated spin in your all time seafood favorite. This is often best paired with a fresh squeeze of lemon and well, buckets of beer.  
  • Fried Lumpiang Gulay with Sukang Sinamak. A simple fried appetizer dish made from vegetables. This delight comes with a Malagos signature sukang sinamak, aged for a better taste. This is a great pair with atsara, usually enjoyed as a condiment alongside authentic Filipino dishes. With its crispy texture and refreshing combination of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, it is the perfect compliment to a vegetable lumpia.
  • Breaded Shrimp with Tartar Sauce. With our tender, juicy shrimps and a golden, crunchy coating, each bite, we were told can be quite addicting. This is often best paired with potatoes with toppings like bacon, cheese, and mayonnaise for an added flare. 
  • Crispy Chicken Skin. An automatic crowd’s favorite, enjoy your favorite street food with your family. Home cooked for a crispier and tastier experience for everyone. This can be a side dish or paired with rice, the option is totally up to you. Paired with spiced vinegar, this one tops the favorites of Filipinos when it comes to street food. 

On where to order food online and delivery, simply head on to Xpress Eats and indulge in some of the best Filipino food in Davao City. What are you waiting for? Give yourself that much needed break. Call a handful of friends and celebrate small wins with indulgent food.


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