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Back-to-School Must-Haves for 2020

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“As of now, whether we will have face-to-face or no face-to-face, the date [of school opening] remains that it is still August 24. We don’t want to go beyond the requirements of the law so it’s August 24 – with or without face-to-face. The Philippine’s internet connection will never be ready for this but education cannot wait.” This is what Department of Education Secretary, Leonor Briones said in a press conference about the Oplan Balik Eskwela-Brigada Eskwela (OBE-BE). So come August 24, things will be a little bit more challenging to most of the working moms and parents out there. 

We are still barely adjusting with all the changes happening in our daily lives. The onset of the pandemic changed the world as we know it. These days, everything, even education, should now be done online, working remotely is a must, and ensuring a stable internet connection is no longer a luxury, it is now a necessity.  While this may be a breeze for some, this is absolutely challenging for many and we completely understand why. 

This will require you to pay even more attention to the kids. With online classes about to start, you have to be even more aware with how you balance your time well. Early in the morning, your concerns will now include what to eat for breakfast, setting up the laptop for the kids, and your deadlines for work today. If in the past few months you already had a hard time balancing being a parent, a worker, and preparing everything in the house, you will now also have to carefully consider being your kids’ personal tutor. With all of these, cooking on time will most probably be a hard chore. There are now many Davao food delivery services online that may help you with this one. At times like this, a fast and easy food for students is a must have. One that will preferably give you and your kids the much needed energy to survive the day.

We, at Xpress Eats understand your need. We offer on-the-go single packed meals best for a quick lunch break. Each dish is conveniently paired with buttered stir fried vegetables to make sure you and your family will get through the day. If you want to stack up on food, we also offer party trays good for 10-15 people which you can conveniently re-heat if you want to. Either way, whatever you choose, we will deliver it to you in an instant. 

Xpress Eats is a food delivery restaurant that offers warm, home cooked Filipino favorites whenever, wherever. So simply head on to our website and plan your meals ahead! While everything is moving fast, we make sure you and your family won’t compromise your health. At times like this, we have to be even more conscious about the food we take. In as much as making a living and graduating is important, it also pays to be more cautious about the nutrients we give our bodies. For today, stay safe and stay home. Craving for something? Simply head onto Xpress Eats Davao and we’ll have it delivered to you in no time. 

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