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Bankers, Here's Why Xpress Eats is for You

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Davao City’s coronavirus cases are rising extremely fast now that we are already under the Modified General Community Quarantine. On July 28, 2020 alone, we had recorded 15 cases which led to the total number of positive cases in the City to 797. While this may be a small number compared to other parts of the Philippines or even to the world for this matter, we cannot afford to add more.  This is why strict health and safety protocols are being implemented in the City. To date, we already have an ordinance that penalizes people who are not wearing masks, the barangay pass coding still takes effect, and social distancing is a must for everyone. 

While staying at home is encouraged, there are some who had to stay in their office and continue rendering their service to the public. They are who we fondly call as our frontliners and one of them are the bankers. Bankers work the whole day and it involves having to personally coordinate with the customers and handling money that may have already made its way around the City. It has been established that the virus can survive on surfaces for hours and money for one is not an exclusion. This is why now more than ever, we believe that with the nature of your job, you deserve a service that puts your safety  as a priority too. While there are many affordable restaurants in the City, one that will best suit you is an online metropolitan eatery that serves fresh, home cooked meals like Xpress Eats Davao. 

Cheap Eats in Davao City. Xpress Eats offers single pack meals at affordable prices. One meal already includes a hearty viand, fresh and crunchy buttered vegetables, and a hefty amount of rice. With this, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Our meals, we were told, are enough to drive you for the entire afternoon. 

Safe and Warm Home Cooked meals. We serve authentic Filipino food you deserve. We use only farm fresh ingredients for each meal to make sure that we do not compromise the flavor of each dish. You no longer have to get out of the office every afternoon to go to the nearest carinderia, Xpress Eats with our cheap prices and finger lickin’ good meals have you covered. 

Fast and Healthy. Worried we won’t be there fast enough for your one hour break? Don’t worry! Xpress Eats got our name from the kind of service we have for you: fast and efficient. So whether you need it at a later time or as soon as possible, we will listen to your request and deliver it in a heartbeat. 

Where to eat near me? If you are in the South, then no more need for asking this question! Located in Shanghai, Matina Aplaya, Xpress Eats will soon be open for dine in. For now, if you want to have a quick break from a stressful workload, you can always opt to pick -up your order and enjoy the fresh air in our seaside compound. 

Convenient celebrations at work. Birthday party? Work anniversary? No need to look any further! Xpress Eats also offers party trays for you. From your all time favorite Humba all the way to a creamy, cheesy, Carbonara-- your office will surely be delighted with what you have in store for them.

These days, it is important to be extra safe in everything. Lessen your risks in catching the virus and stay where you are.  Craving something? Simply head onto Xpress Eats Davao and we will deliver all your Filipino food cravings in a heartbeat.

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