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BPO Industry and their Love for Convenient Meals

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Express Eats Davao

Business Process Outsourcing Companies offer services that serve as an extension of the client’s company. Now, several companies, big or small, are choosing to outsource teams. These teams consist of individuals who are excellent troubleshooters, innovative thinkers and overall reliable to attend to their needs. This is where call center agents who handle inbound and outbound calls providing sales, customer service, technical support, telemarketing, & phone surveys for their clients are under.

Since their clients are outside the country and most of the projects they handle involves people who live there, the BPO industry has slightly different working hours than the rest. While most are sleeping, the BPO industry is in action. In fact, even on the onset of the pandemic, it has never stopped. This industry has been our economy’s faint pulse in this great recession. If anything, BPO workers are one of the frontliners. As all things are intertwined with each other, most call center agents are traced to be one of the top consumers of pre packed meals these days. This could be connected with the fact that a good night’s sleep is different than sleeping in the morning. Even having a long good sleep in the morning because of graveyard shifts could still tire one out. This is perhaps the root of why pre-packed meals are a BPO workers go-to.

Prepacked food is easy and convenient. With long hours of duty and with only an hour of break to take a quick rest, most call center agents prefer food that won’t take much of their time when ordering one. Despite having seemingly enough hours of sleep, a certain heavy tiredness and hunger may still weigh on you while working on graveyard shift. This is where pre-packed meals come in conveniently for the agents.

Order out than eat out is a wiser and safer choice. After a long shift, most agents only want to go home and rest. Especially at a time like this wherein health and safety should be a priority. This is why most prefer to buy online affordable food and indulge themselves in their own homes. With convenient food delivery services, these frontliners are safe from risk exposure posed by dining in restaurants.

Fast and on-the-go. Ordering online from trusted stores that have exceptional delivery service assures that the food will be delivered fast and warm just like how it should be. More than that, established businesses are a reassurance that the food we eat went through thorough quality checking and proper handling. Nothing beats having a good hearty meal right after a long night.

Pre Packed Food in Davao is available at Xpress Eats. Wherever and whenever you want to indulge in a home cooked Filipino dish, we will always deliver it right to your doorstep. With our goal of bringing the taste of the region back to the region, we offer affordable food online here in Davao City. For our single packed meals, you can choose either a luscious Burger Steak with rich gravy, an extra crispy Fried Bangus with herbs and spices, or a tender and savory Adobong Manok that will surely remind you of home. With each meal,we make sure to add stir fried vegetables to ensure you get that extra energy you need to get by. Simply head onto our website and order your meal for today. With each meal carefully curated and seasoned, you are in for a treat you no less than deserve! 

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