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Ensure Complete Meals Everyday with Xpress Eats Davao

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Have you ever heard of the popular phrase, “katawan ang ating puhunan” Filipinos love to say? This rings a certain truth to it because at one point or another, it is indeed true that a healthy body is what keeps us going. This is why as much as possible we have to take care of it.

As one researcher in the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research said: “Back at the turn of the century, we began the long process of turning over to the food industry many of the decisions about what we eat, in the name of habit or convenience or taste. Today our staggering rates of obesity and diabetes are testimony to the faith we put in corporations to feed us well. But the food industry is a business, not a parent; it doesn’t care what we eat as long as we’re willing to pay for it. Home cooking these days has far more of a sentimental value, it’s a survival skill.” 

Catching up with work deadlines, cleaning the house, tending to the kids, all these and so much more we have to do everyday since the onset of the pandemic. Our body needs energy to go on and that energy comes from the food we eat. This is why it is important to ensure that you eat a full meal everyday to keep your body alert and active. 

Xpress Eats Davao offers affordable, warm, and home cooked meals for you and the family. Each meal is tailor-made to make sure you have a healthy and substantial meal for the day. The meals we offer are carefully curated to have fewer calories and fat contents than a meal at a fast food joint. With the end-goal of giving you a healthier and tastier fast and home cooked meals for the family, Xpress Eats recently rolled out our new menu:

For Xpress Meals that is best for you and your family’s busy schedule, make sure to indulge in our hearty meals that will surely keep you satisfied for the day:

  •         Beef Burger Patties and Stir-Fried Vegetables served with Steamed Rice
  •         Chicken Adobo and Boiled egg and Stir-fried vegetables served with Steamed rice
  •         Bistek Boneless Bangus and stir fried vegetables served with Steamed Rice
  •         Pork Barbeque and papaya pickle served with steamed rice
  •         Fried Siomai Rice Toppings with soy and Calamansi
  •         Pork Humba Rice Toppings


If you are one who likes to prepare your own set of meals, you can also enjoy our Alacarte meals:

  •         Pork Humba with Malagos Chocolate
  •         Chicken Parmigiana
  •         Beef Braised with mushroom
  •         Fried fish fillet with tausi sauce
  •         Spaghetti and Meatballs
  •         Spaghetti Carbonara
Each dish is made with farm fresh homegrown ingredients to make sure your body has complete nutrients and vitamins needed for the day. Xpress Eats is an Online Food Delivery in Davao that offers Davao Food Packages and Ready to cook and Microwaveable Meals for a more convenient lifestyle. We understand that with your schedule, every second counts. But make sure to nourish yourself with a complete meal to ensure you’ll get through the long days ahead. Dig in!

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