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Filipinos and Our Love for Indulgent Party Food

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Filipinos love food. Had a rough day at work? Our comfort food would be a nice treat. Night out with friends? No need for any fancy food, kwek-kwek, isaw, balot can do the trick. They say Filipino taste can be the most varied of all tastes but one thing is for sure-- we like it tangy, tasty, and sweet. 

Let’s admit it. As much as we love parties, what we do really look forward to is the variety of food to be served. Humba, fried chicken, spaghetti, we are already making a list of what we want to eat way before the party starts. With our love for food, this is completely normal. The Philippines is called the melting pot of Southeast Asia. So each dish is intercepted with either a western or asian touch in it. With this complexity, we often lean into having more favorites than most do. 

Our penchant for good food can be traced back to the past. Having great food on the table is the traditional way to party. This is why more often than not, we love unpretentious and indulgent dishes served at every occasion. In a time where all our family and loved ones can get together, having great food keeps the party going. While most of us are doing other things like talking with a friend, singing karaoke, participating in party games, in a while, we go back to the table and eat with gusto again. 

On top of it all, good food brings good conversations in the party. With most of us enjoying, fun memories are bound to resurface--like perhaps that one embarrassing moment when your cousin fell to a manhole or maybe the classic love story of your mother and father, with great food and company, the list simply goes on. 

With all these in mind, Xpress Eats budded. If you are thinking of throwing a party and is still  deciding where to eat in Davao this 2020, this is a Davao new dining destination you should not miss. Xpress Eats offers party trays that will suit any occasion you have in mind. From our creamy mushroom carbonara with  its rich taste and a hefty amount of cheese, tender and melt-in-your-mouth Humba with banana blossoms for the refined kick of salty and sweet you’d want, to our extra crispy Fried Chicken that is simply homey and savory-- each bite will remind you of a laid back Sunday with mom and dad, all the way to our stir fried vegetables cooked with butter for the earthy, tasty flavor that is best paired with any meat and of course rice, because who throws a party without one, right?

Xpress Eats offers all these through three choices: delivery, pick-up or curbside. Simply head on to our website, order what you want, and choose the most convenient choice for you.

Very soon Xpress Eats will be available for dine in. With our beautiful landscape coupled with a breathtaking view of the sea, it will be an Al Fresco dining experience you won’t soon forget. While you’re at it, Xpress Eats will also be sharing the venue with South Seaside Grill, with fresh catch seafood in its menu, it will soon make its name as the best seafood restaurant in Davao. Don’t miss the chance to know more about us. Head on to our website and we guarantee food and service you no less than deserve. 

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