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Kadayawan 2020: Simple Celebrations at Home

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Friend Chicken for Kadayawan

It was said that a long time ago, Davao’s ethnic tribes residing at the foot of Mount Apo would have an annual ritual to give thanks to the bountiful harvest of the year. The ethnic tribes would sing, dance, and give offerings to their divine protectors. These days this ritual is no longer done but the practice of thanksgiving is still very much alive. Kadayawan sa Dabaw is a celebration of the bountiful harvest of Davao’s flowers, fruits, and other produce as well as the wealth of the City’s culture. To this day, the festival continues to honor the city’s richness and diverse artistic, cultural and historical heritage in a grand celebration of thanksgiving for all of Davao City’s blessings. 

If it weren’t for the onset of the pandemic, a series of activities would have already lined up today. Three that always make the biggest buzz were the floral float parade, indak-indak sa kadalanan and the search for Hiyas ng Dabaw. But all events and activities that require public gatherings have been cancelled this year. This is a safety measure against the spread of coronavirus. But this doesn’t mean we should cancel Kadayawan! This only means that we have to be more innovative and resourceful in celebrating this event. 

Recently, the President of the Philippines has just announced August 24, 2020 as a special holiday in Davao City in accordance with this celebration. Here are a few tips on things you can do for Kadayawan 2020:

Share cultural stories with the kids. Share memories and stories told to you by your parents and pass them on to your kids. Let them know how rich the City is in resources and culture. Tell them the origins of Kadayawan sa Dabaw too so that when we are finally able to celebrate it next year, they will see it in a different light altogether. 

Gardening. Make this thanksgiving celebration a little bit special through adding your own to the bounty Davao City offers! Nurture and grow your own plants and vegetables. Care for them and watch them all bloom and make the most out of your garden. 

Enjoy a classic Filipino food with the family. When we talk about celebrating the local flavors of our City, nothing beats a warm, home cooked meal, right? With this, you can always order lutong bahay food in downtown Davao. Xpress Eats is a new online restaurant in Davao that serves warm, hearty, home cooked meals in party trays perfect for your intimate Kadayawan celebration. A classic melt-in-your mouth Humba, extra crispy fried chicken, and a buttery stir fried vegetables goodness, are just some of the choices you can have. Feast on the flavors of Davao with our meals made only from farm fresh ingredients and make this year’s Kadayawan sa Dabaw one unforgettable feast with the family!

While doing gardening and sharing stories, you can also dig in a soulful meal together. A great food coupled with an even greater company will make this celebration the best one yet. So if you are looking for lutong bahay food in Davao, don’t forget to check out Xpress Eats. We make occasions extra special with our extra scrumptious meals. Happy Kadayawan, Dabaw!

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