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Local Restaurants Weathering Through Covid-19

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As of July 9, 2020 the entire world already has a total of twelve million coronavirus cases with more than five hundred thousand deaths. What is even more alarming is the fact that these numbers keep on rising everyday. A ripple effect can be seen in the way this virus attacked the entire world. It started with one country. After which, the rest of the world followed. This just goes to show that we are all connected in one way or another. 

Arguably, one of the industries that took the hardest hit in the midst of it all is the food industry. It can be felt anywhere and everywhere. Here in Davao City, if you roam the streets, you’ll notice that most restaurant belts now only have at least two or three restos opening and most of the small cafes have already posted their farewell message online. While we are sad that some of our favorite dishes will no longer be available, imagine the distraught each cafe and resto workers have. These people lost their jobs and in this economy, finding one is absolutely challenging. But there are still a number of local restaurants who chose to weather through this adversity. With the shift to a more digitized way of life, the food industry had to keep us as much as they could. With this in mind, here are three integral adjustments our local restaurants had to deal with:

Online restaurants. The onset of the pandemic led most restaurants to close their doors. With an unseen virus that may cost the lives of many, most of us had to stay home. This led to more and more online restos in Davao City budding everyday. Launching websites, informing the public of their existence, and making sure to keep a friendly interface for everyone, the restaurant industry has a lot going on in their plate these days. From ensuring a clean and safe kitchen, freshness of ingredients, food safety, and now all the way to entice the public, the industry had to shift its focus to the extreme. 

Delivery. With online restaurants came delivery services too. No matter how good a dish is, if the delivery is late, it will cost a customer. This is why online restos that the public loves are ones that are tagged as the best delivery restaurants in Davao City. A fast delivery that ensures a warm meal for customers will go a long way. 

Flexible Payment Options. These days, a contactless delivery and payment method is the safest option there is. This means that online restos are now offering methods for payment such as credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets. This makes any transaction more convenient and easy as it requires less work than in person payment. 

These three have been the core of most local businesses these days. Through it all, there are still online restos that are just budding. Xpress Eats Davao is a new restaurant in the South of Davao. We offer an online delivery system with three choices for you: delivery, pick-up, or curbside. Along with the three integral core abovementioned, Xpress Eats offers Filipino food you deserve. All of our ingredients are farm fresh and are provided by our local farmers. This way, we can ensure that you have nothing less than you deserve while supporting local farmers through this adversity. Xpress Eats believes that we can only rise through this if we do it together. For now, stay at home and be safe. For a warm, home cooked meal that soothes the soul, simply head on to our website and we’ll have it warm and fresh right to your doorstep.

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