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MGCQ and Why You Should Stay Home, Still

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Davao Meal PlanMost of our medical frontliner pleaded to revert back to ECQ as a breather to our healthcare system. During a press conference with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dr. Jose Santiago, the President of the Philippine Medical Association, said that “we proposed that this ECQ be used as a time out to refine our pandemic control strategies, addressing the following urgent conditions: hospital workforce efficiency, failure of case finding and isolation, failure of contract tracing and quarantine, transportation safety, workplace safety, public compliance with self-protection, social amelioration.” While the frontliners admit that reverting back to an Enhanced Community Quarantine is a complex decision, Dr. Santiago added that “Let us remember that we need healthy people to reinvigorate the economy. Our healthcare workers can no longer bear the burden of deciding who lives and who dies.” The recurring call of our frontliners has always been: “pagod na pagod na kami.” To sum it all up, everyone is getting tired of our battle against the virus. But we cannot stop.

The number of positive coronavirus cases keeps on rising. It is getting more and more alarming by the day. In fact, as of August 6, 2020, the Philippines is now the first among countries in Southeast Asia with the most number of cases. Our frontliners are getting overwhelmed and tired. It is time for us to up our game and help them too. 

Stay home. The most effective way we can help our nurses and doctors is to make sure we do not catch the virus. Let us not add more to the rising figures. Instead, we should consciously choose to stay home and regularly clean and disinfect our surroundings. The virus is said to be able to survive on surfaces for days. So make sure that your house is not only squeaky clean but also thoroughly disinfected. By choosing to stay home, we are lessening our chance of catching the virus and in turn, is making sure that our family is safe. 

Always wear masks, face shields, and keep the social distancing. These three steps are the core of our fight against the virus. It is undeniable that there are times that we have to go out of the house to do something important. When we do, we must always remember these three core things to do. 

Practice meal planning and ordering what you need online. Almost everything we need can now be bought and done online. While we’re at it, in order to minimize our interaction with others, let us practice ordering in bulk. This way, we plan our meals ahead and we can get our meals ready in no time. If you are too busy for meal prepping, you can always make a list of where you can order online food in Davao. Xpress Eats, with our healthy set of menu and a hearty, soulful taste in each bite, is no less than one of the best restaurants to order meal plans from. 

These days, we must choose to simply stay at home, still. Eating out, partying with friends, and going to the mall for fun are things we can always do when the pandemic is over. So the next time you feel the need to go out with the question, where to order food in Davao, simply head on to Xpress Eats and indulge in the taste of local flavors we offer in every meal. Treat yourself today. You deserve it.


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