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New Flavors of the Region in Xpress Eats Davao

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Xpress Eat New Menu

The tides can be tough these days. Despite this, Filipinos’ resilience is keeping us moving forward. With overwhelming deadlines and a family to take care of, how do most of us get by? Make the most out of your time and make meal preparations easier and smoother with Xpress Eats Davao. 

Xpress Eats offer Filipino food you deserve. For the last few weeks, we have been brewing and innovating our way in the kitchen to bring more exquisite Filipino flavors your way. Today, we are introducing the Xpress Eats new menu of our luscious set meals to you. Make special occasions and everyday meals more meaningful with our new set of flavors by the region

Xpress Meals. Running out of time to prepare a quick lunch for the family? With Xpress 100% lutong bahay meals, let the family enjoy tasty and healthy dishes at home. 

  • Beef Burger Patties and Stir-Fried Vegetables served with Steamed Rice. One of our classic recipes, compacted, shaped, and cooked with no added extenders, bite into our rich, juicy patties specially curated for your taste.
  • Chicken Adobo with Boiled egg and Stir-fried vegetables served with Steamed rice. One of the best pairs in our selection, enjoy a fall-off-the-bone tenderness in our meat marinated in a well balanced season of soy sauce, garlic, pepper, and vinegar. Browned in oil and simmered to more spices, each bite will surely be a hit for the kids. This will make a great baon for busy Dads out there too. 
  • Bistek Boneless Bangus and stir fried vegetables served with Steamed Rice. Despite its simplicity, this dish perfectly combines the tenderness of the fish, sweetness of the onion, and saltiness of soy sauce. Because this set includes the Bangus belly, you can enjoy healthy fat and a savory taste. 
  •  Pork Barbeque and papaya pickle served with steamed rice. Want something off the grill in the middle of the day? We have you covered. With carefully thin slices to ensure proper cooking, marinated in a mixture of Xpress special seasoning and spices, enjoy this Filipino favorite wherever, whenever with Xpress Eats Davao. 
  •  Fried Siomai Rice Toppings with soy and Calamansi. Made from juicy pork filling with just the right amount of bits and spices, this is fried until golden brown, these dainty, delicious dumplings are the best reward after a long day. 
  • Pork Humba Rice Toppings. A Filipino braised pork recipe unlike no other. A savory dish with just a hint of sweetness. Enjoy this tender delight with family and friends. For added richness in taste, this dish also uses Malagos chocolate as one of the ingredients.  This dish will surely have you asking for more so make sure you have enough rice prepared for the family. 

All paired with our signature buttered Stir Fried vegetables, each set you choose with us is a whole meal for the family. Xpress Eats also offers appetizers, vegetable, main course, and combo food trays for every occasion. So the next time you are wondering where to order party food in Davao, make sure to check us out. We offer affordable home cooked Filipino food fit for every tired and weary soul out there. Indulge yourself with us, you totally deserve it. 

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