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New Month, New Flavors with Xpress Meals

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Xpress Eats is a Davao food delivery service that aims to give you home cooked Filipino food you deserve. In an effort to stay true to this, we are bringing to you new and exciting flavors through our Xpress Eats new menu. From small mundane tasks to more personal and intimate celebrations, we have prepared a new set of choices for you and your family to enjoy. Filipinos are certified food lovers. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, and dinner we are all a great fan when it comes to eating. Enjoy the convenience as you take a step back and enjoy the most out of your day through our scrumptious ala carte and set meals. 

General cleaning with the family. These days, one of the things that you and your family should focus on is not only the cleanliness of your house. Each corner must be sanitized and disinfected too. From our usual routine of simply mopping the floors, dusting the cabinets, and rearranging our furniture, we also now have to wipe disinfectants here and there. This activity can be quite exhausting for the entire family. Cooking a good meal during and after this task can take too much of what little energy you have left. To make things easier, simply head on to Xpress Eats Davao, choose from our wide array of set meals which includes our classic favorites: Beef Burger Patties, Chicken Adobo with Boiled egg, and Bistek Boneless Bangus all paired with stir fried vegetables and a hearty amount of steamed rice all the way to a burst of new flavors of our extra juicy Pork Barbeque, extra crispy fried siomai rice toppings, and Pork Humba Rice infused with our signature Malagos chocolate, and we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep in no time. Relax and enjoy a quick break with the family. Share a laugh or two and get to know each other better. Take time for the things that really matter. 

Laundry day.  More often than not, when we do the laundry, our body aches all over. Perhaps this is from all the work and effort we had to give for this task, we can never be too sure. But one thing is certain, cooking a meal after this is more often than not, unheard of. So take that much needed rest while we prepare your food for you! Aside from our indulgent set meals, we also have a la carte serving in store for you. Choose from our delightful choices of: Cheesy Chicken Parmigiana,  Tender Beef Braised with mushroom, Fried fish fillet with tausi sauce, and for pasta lovers out there, we have Spaghetti and Meatballs and Spaghetti Carbonara, all for you. Take a rest for a while, we have your meals covered. 

Manic Mondays at work and in school. Mondays can be quite a challenge. It feels like over the weekend, the boss has not done any rest and has merely thought of all pending tasks for you and the team. This leads to a pile of deadlines you have to keep up with for the entire week. It can be easy to get too carried away on our tasks and forget that we still have to prepare our meals. Especially for the kids. At times like this, Xpress Eats’ a la carte and set meals can be quite handy to have. 

So the next time you are in a hard place and are wondering where to order set meals in Davao City, do make sure to check us out. With our wide variety of choices and exciting flavors to choose on, whatever you are craving, we’ll have it for you. Happy eating!

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