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New Normal and Intimate Gatherings

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Filipinos love parties. There is no doubt about this. Whether it is for birthdays, weddings, fiestas, reunions, or holidays, Filipinos hold parties from time to time to celebrate with family and friends. With our love for parties comes our love for food too. We often serve diverse selections from pasta all the way to rice meals. Lumpia Shanghai, Humba, Pasta, Fried Chicken, are just some of the staple handa when there is an occasion.

However, the onset of the pandemic has limited most of our actions. We can no longer invite relatives from different places to celebrate with us. Instead, an intimate get-together should be done. While this is a change we are not accustomed to, we have to follow it for our own safety. The coronavirus pandemic has spread faster now that the level of quarantine has been constantly shifting. With more people going out of their houses and an unseen virus lurking in the corners, it is safer to be with people whom we interact with everyday. There are now open Davao restaurants for parties you can tap for small intimate gatherings. Though this is a more hassle-free way of spending the day, think of the risks you are taking when you go out of the house and interact with more people outside. While having intimate get-together is new, it gives us a new angle to look at: through spending special occasions with the people closest to our hearts, we make each gathering more intentional. 

Decorate the House. In order to make the occasion even more special, we can decorate the house with whatever it is the celebrant wants. From all pink floral designs or a simple “Happy Birthday” sign, it really is up to you. While you’re at it, make sure to order an extra charming cake too. This might as well be the cream of the crop in all of your decorations. After all, what’s a party without a cake, right?

Karaoke with Family. Karaoke sets are one of the things you can see in most Filipino households. We love singing so much. It is the kind of bonding that bridges the gap of every age in the family. With only people who know you well, a no-holds-barred Karaoke session can most definitely be done. 

Order Quality Party Trays. On special days, it is also great to choose the best party trays delivery in Davao for family. This way, you can assure that the food you will be enjoying over a good chat with your loved ones is a hearty meal set to warm the soul.

Xpress Eats has party trays to offer on all kinds of occasions. We serve Filipino food you deserve. From a melt-in-your mouth savory Humba, creamy cheesy Carbonara, homey crispy Fried Chicken, and vibrant buttery Stir Fried Vegetables, our menu is sure to entice your family to enjoy quality time with each other. Xpress Eats is slowly making its way into becoming one of the best restaurants in Davao. With each dish carefully curated to the taste of the region, it is a sure fit in any occasions you celebrate. Simply head onto our website, order what you need, and we’ll deliver it to you in a heartbeat. Dig in!

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