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New Normal Party Essentials You Cannot Miss

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They say that a new year offers endless new possibilities we can enjoy. The year 2020 came and the possibilities it offered are things we could have never imagined possible. A pandemic that hit the entire world to its core has shaken most of what we planned for the year. Especially those little treats we had in store as a reward for the tired soul. 

When the entire world freezes its function-- people  were put in lockdown, the economy was badly hit, tourism plummeted down, and isolation has been the only choice, time did not stop. A new day came and each month is getting more and more personal. With special occasions coming our way, celebrating all these can be quite challenging not to mention, limiting. The strict safety rules and regulations made inviting friends and loved ones over impossible. But this does not have to spoil the fun. In fact, more and more people are starting to appreciate small intimate get-togethers. They say spending the day with people closest to your heart is not too bad after all. A quick celebration is always a great way to lighten the mood. With this, we are sharing four essential party must-haves for a one-of-a-kind party you deserve:

Decorate the backyard and the entire house. Fill it up with lights, paper cut outs, or letter and number designs that will make it look fun and vibrant. Aside from ensuring you have good photos for the day, this will also be a good time to explore your creativity and puzzle together all the things you love. 

Learn Something New. On the day of the party, it will help to do something fun and new! Make edible cookie doughs, bake cupcakes, a DIY pizza will also be good- explore the things you’ve been wanting to do and enjoy it with the people around you.

Virtual Karaoke Party. Filipinos love karaoke. There is no doubt about this. With family and friends that were not able to make it to your party, you can always organize a virtual meeting with them via Zoom and then set up a room in WeSing. Your friends and family can just mute their microphone until it is their time to sing. It will be most fun!

Party Trays. But more than anything, keep it simple. After all the activities, round up all your closest loved ones and enjoy a quiet intimate dinner. Just be together and enjoy the solace it offers. After a long day, it will be wiser to simply order scrumptious party trays for this part of the day, preferably one in  Davao that has a  fast food delivery.

All of these ideas will be tied up with a good hearty meal. So a good restaurant with the best delivery in Davao will be a great idea. Xpress Eats, a metropolitan style eatery has just recently launched our services to the public. We offer various party trays that are sure to make your parties the bomb. We serve authentic Filipino food you deserve. From your all-time favorite humba to an extra crispy fried chicken, make your party the most memorable one. A must try restaurant in Davao City, spend your next special occasion with us. Simply head on to our website and feast the day away!

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