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New Xpress Party Trays for Every Occasion

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Online Food Delivery in Davao City

A new month, a fresh start. Xpress Eats is a Davao food online and delivery service that just started to offer our services last July. We have grown so much since then. The onset of the pandemic changed the way we celebrate. From our penchant in grand celebrations, we have discovered a more personal and intimate approach in celebrating small wins in life. In an effort to be of service in this trying time, Xpress Eats menu includes party trays fit for any occasion. 

Throwing an intimate birthday party for the kids? Xpress Eats have the perfect combo for you. We have expanded our offers to a new level. We now have a hearty choice of food trays coming your way. From appetizers, vegetable dish, main course, and a choice between the classic steamed rice or a more innovative fried rice, we had it all thought out for you. For a fun and exciting celebration for the kids, one set that we suggest is trying out our Breaded Shrimp with Tartar sauce and Crispy Chicken Skin as appetizers to tease the buds to what is coming. For a vegetable dish, a proven kids’ favorite is our  Buttered Vegetables food tray. With its vibrant color and buttery taste, the kids will find it hard to resist. For the main course, try out our new Chicken Cordon Bleu with creamy cheese sauce and   Fried pork chop with honey mustard sauce, with fun dips and a flavorful meal, it will be a meal the kids will love. For a hearty amount of rice, we suggest you sit out on the fried rice on this one. Kids love seeing something familiar to their plates. We don’t want to push them too far on their special day. 

Surprise bridal shower for a friend? Plan ahead with us for a smooth surprise. Serve up the bride’s favorites from our wide array of choices, throw in some fun, creative cake ideas,  and it will be no doubt, the birthday shower of a lifetime. For this, we suggest to start your appetizers with our Xpress Eats’ signature Calamares Fritos, Buffalo Chicken Wings, and Breaded Shrimp with Tartar sauce, since there will be some heartfelt  message giving and activities before going to the main course, we suggest banking on the appetizers. For the full menu, try our one of a kind Kare-Kareng Gulay with Bagoong, Roasted Chicken with Mushroom gravy, and pair it up with our   Seafood Java Rice. You can never go wrong with good food. 

Anniversary celebration with the wife? Have a good time while talking about your day with our Crispy Chicken Skin, reminisce first dates with this classic favorite to set the tone for the day. For the menu, we suggest you try out our Vegetables Chop Suey with egg, the crowd’s favorite Lechon kawali with soy calamansi sauce, and the steamed rice. If you are a tad bit more adventurous, include our Carbonara Pasta food tray to the mix and it will be a feast you won’t soon forget. 

Order affordable party trays in Davao and spend your special day with us. Dig into that Filipino food you’ve been craving. You totally deserve it. For a la carte and set meals, simply head on to our website and order to your heart’s content. Enjoy!

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