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Party Trays 101 with Xpress Eats Davao

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Davao Party Tray

Celebrating an occasion in the midst of this pandemic can be quite limiting. Covid 19 health and safety regulations won’t let us celebrate with all of our close friends and family. Instead, for this year, we are all learning to celebrate each occasion with limited and closest family and friends alone. While we all thought that this is something we won’t enjoy, the intimacy and exclusivity this brought to each celebration has been a delightful surprise. With all our attention to people who matter most, it is indeed the time to be more present and together. This made celebrating a little more personal and a whole less extravagant. 

Along with the rise of intimate celebrations is the rise of party trays. Party trays make celebrating at home feel like dining outdoors with delicious stay-at-home and takeaway orders. Xpress Eats Davao offers party trays for every celebration. This makes intimate celebrations even more convenient. Simply order what you need and you are all set for the day. To guide you through this, here are some Xpress Eats party tray meals and the best occasion you can fit them with:

Fried Chicken and Rice Tray. This pair is perfect for your daughter’s intimate birthday party! With our juicy on the inside and  extra crispy on the outside chicken to celebrate the day with, this will be one special event your daughter won’t soon forget. Let her dig into this Filipino goodness and share it with her closest cousins and friends. Make sure to listen to their exciting stories and play with them, the littlest details make celebrations more memorable. 

Creamy Cheesy Carbonara Tray. Is best for an intimate anniversary celebration. Set up a small romantic spot in the living room, prepare some flowers and a bottle of wine, light up some candles, and serve this classic favorite and voila! It will be a candle-lit dinner date the wife will truly be grateful of. 

Humba and Rice Tray.  For a small get together with the family, serve a classic melt-in-the mouth Humba and a hefty amount of rice. With this combination, it will sure be a long chat around the table. Enjoy great food while you catch up with the family and before you know it, all food is gone!

Stir Fried Veggies and Rice Tray. This is great  for an intimate lunch with the in-laws. For people who are greatly conscious with their health, the buttered stir fried vegetable is a sure dish they will love. Vibrant in texture, looks, and taste, it will be the instant star on the table. 

Xpress Eats is an online Davao food delivery that offers Filipino food you deserve. From each of our party trays available for delivery in Davao  all the way to our on-the go packed meals, which are carefully curated meals to make sure you get through the day, simply head onto our website, order what you need, and we’ll deliver it to you in no time. Indulge and enjoy the day today. Here in Xpress Eats Davao, we make celebrations Xtra special.

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