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Saving Time with Xpress Meals

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Lutong BahayHave you ever taken the time off a busy day, pause for a while, and realize you can actually make things a bit better? Things can be quite overwhelming. Changes kept on coming in bulks almost every week and keeping up with them can sometimes feel too much. With this in mind, Xpress Eats Davao came to be. We offer 100% Filipino lutong bahay meals that are set to warm your souls. With various Davao City food packages available, it will be one convenient and tasty meal you and the entire family won’t soon forget. Haven’t tried ordering your meals online yet? Here are a few reasons why you must start ordering yours today. 

Convenience. With today’s busy lifestyles, most of us are pressed for time. In a world where every second counts, convenience is king. When diners can order food from their favorite restaurant faster, easier, and at their convenience, they tend to come back again and again because they know that the establishment meets their needs. Numerous surveys reveal that customers prefer the convenience of online ordering. The ability to order remotely eliminates the pain of waiting. Customers also enjoy not feeling rushed while ordering. Online ordering makes it possible for customers to place orders with the click of a button. Now that most online ordering services have an app or other mobile capabilities, customers can choose what they want, and order, within the palm of their hand. Xpress Eats now have new set meals for the family! You can now also enjoy the Filipino classic favorite Pork Barbeque and papaya pickle served with steamed rice and the scrumptious Fried Siomai Rice Toppings with soy and kalamansi on top of the four favorite set meals you’ve always loved. 

The ability to multitask. Being in the kitchen and preparing food for the family can be a tedious task. From checking the available ingredients, preparing and slicing each one according to the recipe, and then cooking everything you need. Ordering online on the other hand simply lets you order what you need and wait for the delivery to come to your house. While waiting, you can have that much needed talk with the kids, clean the house,  watch your favorite show, or submit that deadline at work on time. The possibilities are endless! With Xpress Eats fast and efficient delivery, you don’t have to worry about any delays. 

Extra savings through perks and discounts. Who doesn’t want more bang for their money, or more options to order their meal? Online food ordering can provide all of this and more. Since there are now many rising restos around, more often than not most restos are giving our craze sale and discounts. In a similar vein, you may discover new dishes and menu options by browsing a digital menu complete with appealing, high quality food photos. Eating is fun and can be an adventure, and online ordering can be a part of your food-loving journey. Xpress Eats will be rolling out exciting discounts and promos the next few days. Watch out for our exciting news ahead. 

In a time like this, it is one of the safer options. A few months ago, minimizing human contact during restaurant transactions was merely a preference, the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated that preference into a priority. According to Heidi Orpilla in an article published last June 2020, “during COVID-19, minimal contact helps protect customers, employees, and the public at large from the spread of the virus. But even as that spread slows, customers may continue to enjoy the minimal contact that online ordering can offer as it can accommodate busy schedules and allows customers to safely send any kind of meal to friends, loved ones, and colleagues. Having food simply dropped at your doorstep will likely still be desired during customers’ busy days and sending a favorite meal to a special person – no matter where they are located – is a gift that will continue to be enjoyed.” More than anything your safety is our utmost priority. This is why Xpress Eats always  go the extra mile in giving you safe and quality service you no less than deserve. 

These are only some of the reasons why you have to try ordering your food cravings online! There is still so much in store for you. Xpress Eats will be rolling out our Xpress Meals new food menu soon. From delightful appetizers, scrumptious xpress meals, budget-friendly ala carte meals, all the way to hearty party trays, it will be one feast you will definitely love. Check out our website to know more. Happy eating!

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