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The 2020 Vision of Xpress Eats

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Yummy Carbonara in Davao

Perhaps you’ve been ordering fast food over and over for the past few months. It was exciting at first, yes. You get to dig into all your favorites which you only occasionally enjoy in the past. But weeks in and your body is looking for something more familiar--a warm, home cooked meal with fresh ingredients to ease the body after a long, tiring day. Xpress Eats budded from this. Xpress Eats is a new metropolitan eatery in Davao City that serves the best of classic Filipino cuisine. We have recently opened our service to the public and have already taken the initiative to give you two major choices: the single meal or the party trays. 

In our single meals you can either have a juicy mushroom burger steak with rich sauce, tasty classic fall-off-the bone chicken adobo, and a well seasoned fried bangus all paired with a buttered stir fried vegetables. To make sure that you no longer have to worry much for your intimate celebrations, our party trays, each tray is good for 10-15 people, are: the extra crispy on the outside juicy on the inside fried chicken, slow cooked melt-in-your mouth humba, a creamy, cheesy carbonara, buttered stir-fried vegetables, and rice. With these sumptuous meals, your great food will be the talk for hours.

All these special dishes will be delivered right to your doorstep in no time. Xpress Eats also made sure to include three options on how to deliver your food: delivery, curb-side, and pick-up. Whichever you choose, we’ll have what you need warm and fresh just like how it is supposed to be. With our convenience food, a busy day will simply come by like a breeze. 

According to Emily Miller, forecast projector, “the future of convenience food is high. Millennials are dictating the future of the food industry thanks to their hunger for healthy, affordable eating experiences. Food brands and chefs of the moment are now being forced to create new, convenient ventures to ensure their taste buds stay tantalized on the go.” With this in mind, Xpress Eats will be keeping up through adding more varieties on our menu. But one thing is for sure: each and every meal is specially curated for your health. In a time like this, we need both luxury in taste and health in one dish. This is exactly what Xpress Eats offers. 

The future consumer will want to have all the best elements in one restaurant. You’ll want a food served quickly, for it to be homemade, fresh, and healthy. Xpress Eats is slowly starting our way from here. No more settling for restaurants near me for a fast delivery. Xpress Eats will always be one step ahead. With our farm fresh ingredients and a meal complete with stir fried vegetables to pair it up with, we will be delivering meals you no less than deserve.

If you are looking for one of the best affordable restaurants in Davao City, make sure to include Xpress Eats on your list. No more asking, “where to eat near me?”  because we deliver to you whenever you want, wherever you need in the City.  

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