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The Rise of Handy Metropolitan Eateries in Davao

Davao New Restaurant Fast and Easy Food Delivery Filipino Dish in Davao Xpress Eats Davao


Months of ordering fast food and fancy restaurant dishes is slowly starting to gain on us. The meal we’ve been craving for months has begun tasting ordinary, repetitive even. But most of us have no other choice. We’ve all been too busy coping up with the drastic changes the pandemic brought to our lives. Everyday is so draining. Most of the time, the only energy we have left is that of eating a meal then going to bed.

Warm, hearty meals are something we crave for. With the vast growth of online delivery systems, a restaurant near me with a drive through food service may be so easy to find. But finding a warm, hearty meal that soothes a tired soul is a whole new level.

Davao food delivery has been up and active for years now. The onset of the coronavirus has only magnified apparently how essential they are. But as the months move forward, most of us have grown tired of fast food and typical online food. We just miss the warm, home cooked meal that tastes like home. This is where eateries come in-- homey, simple, and delicious meals that are all ready-to-eat and affordable. Eateries are close to our hearts. It is where most of us prefer to eat on a lunch break or a rainy day, ordering away without having to worry about our check cause they are so affordable. With their warm meals and soothing soups,  it’s definitely a must have for most of us. 

Xpress Eats, a new restaurant in Davao City, offers all this and more. We understand that with your busy schedule, you deserve nothing but quick and hearty meals that refreshes the soul. With this in mind, Xpress Eats will be launching  budget-friendly, warm, and comfort food your way. For busy people who needs on-the-go delicious meal packs, the first batch of our exciting menu includes choices from; a tender, fall-off-the-bone, juicy Chicken Adobo with Egg, or an extra crispy fried Bangus with a hefty amount of onion rings great to start your day, or  a meaty, tasty, Burger Steak with thick and rich gravy and mushrooms just like what Mom serves for dinner. Either of these choices will be paired with buttered stir fried vegetables to ensure that your body gets that much needed extra vitamins and minerals for the day. And of course, a hearty portion of rice just because rice is life! 

With a menu set to warm your soul, Xpress Eats also offer food trays for small, intimate events that are worth celebrating . With ingredients all fresh from the farm, it is guaranteed to make your family and friends fully satisfied. Our food trays include choices from our Creamy Mushroom Carbonara with fresh basil that gives the dish the burst of flavors of earthiness and home you’d love, a tasty,

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