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Top 3 Delicious and Affordable Metropolitan Eateries in the Philippines

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New Restaurant in Davao City

Filipinos love food. Wherever we are and whatever we are going through, we always seek comfort in what is familiar, more often than not something that reminds us of home. After all, who doesn’t want a good, warm, and hearty home cooked meal, right? Perhaps this is the reason why on the onset of the pandemic, most of the Dabawenyos had a craze over baking and making desserts. Whether it be a Maja Blanca, Cassava Cake, even all the way to Cookies and Cakes you’ll find these posted anywhere in social media. This shows Dabawenyos resiliency and want for growth even in the midst of this all.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to recreate some of your favorites too- the delicate taste of a Humba or the rich, creamy Burger Steak you love but with juggling deadlines for work, e-meeting clients, taking care of the kids, and cleaning the house, your plate can be quite full. This dilemma gave rise to online food deliveries. More and more are shifting in this platform in order to cater most of our needs. But with bills piling up, we are now leaning to online metropolitan eateries that offer affordable home cooked meals. Three of the best and affordable online eateries in the Philippines,may be able to help you on this one.

Mama Rosa's Kitchen Co., offers a wide variety of Pinoy comfort food: afritada, tinola, nilaga, caldereta, pinakbet, and more. To order, message Rose Benipayo on Facebook. Orders must be made three days in advance and must be paid via bank transfer. Pick up, in case you opt for it, is in Kamias, Quezon City. They also deliver anywhere near the area. Mama Rosa’s we were told, offers one of the best home cooked meals in Luzon.

Binugoy Carinderia is a small “inato” online eatery located in the heart of J Centre, PUV Terminal Area, A.S Fortuna St., Bakilid Mandaue City. They offer various Silog Meals for breakfast and their three classics are: Larang, Manok Bisaya, and Sisig. This is perfect for busy students and professionals who are craving for an affordable and tasty meal. They also offer party trays for gatherings and celebrations. With their price, one extra order surely won’t hurt.

Xpress Eats is a new restaurant that has recently budded in the Southern part of Davao. We offer Filipino food you deserve. Our goal is simple: to bring back the taste of the region to the region. With each meal carefully curated and seasoned, it will be a sure fire warm treat to the tired soul. We offer single packed meals for on-the-go busy professionals and students. We also have party trays for small intimate gatherings to make those occasions Xtra special. You can have all these through delivery, pick-up, and curbside. With home cooked meals you love and trust, it will be a complete delight.

Nothing beats the taste of home to soothe our trying hearts. In the middle of balancing everything, it is important to remember to pause for a while and indulge yourself with a good meal. But with our busy schedules, one that has easy and fast food delivery like the ones mentioned can do the trick. While we are still adapting to every bit of changes coronavirus makes in our everyday lives, Xpress Eats will always find a way to bring you that authentic Filipino flavors you’ve been craving for days. Head onto our website and try it out for yourself!

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