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XE Party Trays and Their Convenience

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Davao Party Tray

Whether you are hosting a special celebration or just a simple get-together, spending on a good quality food service delivery would be the best of both worlds. Aside from the convenience you get when it eliminates unnecessary tasks that come with preparing the food, budget-wise, it's also very practical. Think of the money and effort you can save when you opt to order one. Nevertheless, though there are now many available party trays in Davao, the practicality and efficiency of ordering this still greatly relies on a food outlet's service quality. Without a sound restaurant, your effortless and affordable planning of an intimate gathering would still be far from possible. In this case, you would really have to weigh things out and compare several food outlets from one another in order to come up with the most excellent choice. Xpress Eats offers quality Filipino comfort food available in both half and full party trays. With our fast and efficient delivery, ordering scrumptious meals has never been this easy. 

Intimate Wedding Celebration. In the midst of all this uncertainty, albeit with extra precaution and not exactly as planned, many couples are pursuing their initial wedding preparations.  And while their weddings—like many couples forced to postpone or cancel amid the coronavirus pandemic—may not have looked as they had envisioned, their stories are heartwarming and inspiring nonetheless. To celebrate special and once in a lifetime experiences like this one, Xpress Eats offer All Meat and Mixed Seafood Combo Trays perfect for sharing with the people closest to your heart. With a variety of choices in one pack, celebrating special moments with Xpress Eats surely won’t be a hassle. 

Bridal Shower.  Bridal showers have evolved so much over the years that there really isn’t a fool-proof formula for a finer-than-fabulous fete - it just takes friends, family, food, and fun. And COVID can’t call dibs on all of it, even if six feet of social distance is involved. Beef Caldereta with Malagos Kesong Puti paired with our signature vegetable fried rice is great for this event! With signature ingredients all packed in one dish, it will be one great salo-salo with the barkada. 

Birthday. Celebrating small intimate birthday celebrations has been our thing since the onset of the pandemic. This is when most of us realized that sometimes, the best parties are the smallest ones.  Intimate birthday parties allow you to celebrate with the people who matter most — close friends and family. For this kind of celebration, Xpress Eats’ Lechon Kawali and Adobo Fried Rice  is the best pair. Celebrate with your staple Filipno favorites and enjoy the day like no other. 

Anniversary. In many ways, this pandemic is humbly bringing our lives back to a focus on the basics: wholesome foods and fresh air have become more important in place of delicacies and gym routines. We're spending our money on what we need, instead of excess. In the case of romantic relationships, fancy outings and exciting trips aren't options we can use to show our partners we care. Instead, anniversaries this year are a time to pare down by connecting with loved ones in simple yet thoughtful ways that really matter. In celebrating moments like this, it will be best to simply order what you like online and share it with your partner. Try Xpress Eats’ Carbonara and Pika-Pika choices. These are best for small quiet moments under the stars. 

Can’t cook? Just leave it to us. Xpress Eats now have assorted Davao online food trays readily available for any occasion. On questions like where to order party trays in Davao, make sure to check out Xpress Eats and enjoy warm, scrumptious Filipino meals whenever, wherever. 

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