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Xpress Eats and the New Normal for the Family

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Xpress Eats, an online Davao food delivery, budded with the initiative of helping more Filipino families thrive in the battle against the pandemic. Our country has the longest lockdown period in the world. We started last March and now, five months later, the number of our cases is still rising by the day. We are nearing the 200,000 mark of coronavirus cases and it looks like we are not slowing down. This is why now more than ever, we have to be extra careful. 

There are three crucial things we need to mind when it comes to keeping our safety. These are: wearing masks and face shields when going out to the public, maintaining social distance of at least two meters away from each other, and the most important of all: stay home as much as possible. This is the reason why Xpress Eats Davao is doing our best to make sure you have the Filipino food you deserve readily available in an instant. Simply order what you need and we’ll deliver them to you in a heartbeat.  

Changes due to the onset of the pandemic is piling up by the day. It shows in the way most of us are striving now. Work now has to be done online, work deadlines and the kids’ homeworks more often than not clash with each other, everything happens so fast we can barely pause and breathe for a while.  With this, here are three ways Xpress Eats is making sure we do our part in this fight.

Quick and healthy meals for the family. We understand that while the three mentioned ways to keep us safe are sound and reliable. It is also equally important to make sure our family is in their top condition. By giving them proper nourishment, we are also giving them the chance to fend off the virus. Xpress Eats offers on-the-go single meal packs for a quick healthy lunch you and the kids need. Each meal is paired with a hearty amount of stir fried vegetables, a Filipino comfort food, and rice. With online classes now starting, these meal packs can also come in handy as a baon for the busy students. 

Intimate gatherings at home. The new normal limits the number of people we can share celebrations with. This means that for this year, we only get to celebrate small and big wins to the people closest to our hearts. While this may be new, it also sheds light to the importance of spending quality time with the people who truly matter. What better way to do this than to indulge in great Filipino comfort food your way? Xpress Eats also have party trays for small intimate gatherings. From your all time favorite Humba all the way to the classic extra crispy fried chicken, we have you covered. 

Affordable meals. We understand that at a time like this, it is equally important to be wise and frugal on the things we need. As much as the pandemic is claiming lives by the day, it is also claiming many jobs. Thus, the need to keep on saving because we never really know what might happen next. With this in mind, Xpress Eats carefully curated affordable healthy meals that you and your family will surely enjoy for the day. 

Xpress Eats is now tagged by many as the best online food and delivery. With this in mind, the next time you wonder where to buy affordable food online, do make sure to check Xpress Eats Davao out. With our wide array of healthy choices, meals with family have never been this fun, tasty, and easy. Dig in!

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