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No need to panic Xpress Eats Davao is here to save you

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One of Filipinos’ favorite staple foods in almost every occasion is Humba. It is an exquisite dish that offers a burst of Filipino flavors in every bite. According to Petros Absalon, a popular food writer, “Just like adobo, humba was made due to the need for the meat to last longer. Humba lasts for several days without spoiling due to the vinegar present and especially if it is immersed in oil. Surprisingly enough, it even tastes better the longer it’s stored.  There are some versions why this dish is called such, some would say that it is from the phrase “HUmot nga BAboy” with the first two letters of the first and the last words joined together. Humot is a word in the Bisayan dialect which could be roughly translated to mean “sweet smelling”, “fragrant”, or “with delicious smell”. Baboy, on the other hand, is Filipino for pork or for a pig (it could be interchangeable depending on the usage). Some argue that it really means “HUmok nga BAboy”, since the meat, due to the way it is cooked, becomes very soft and tender. Humok means soft or tender.” 

But with a lot of recipes circling online, all with different versions, it is getting a little bit difficult to simply enjoy our favorite classic Cebuano Humba. With its rich aroma of soy sauce, vinegar, and just a hint of caramelizing sugar, it is surely one that will leave every guest wanting for more. Xpress Eats Davao is a Davao food delivery that offers Filipino food dishes in Davao. Whether it is for a quick lunch or an intimate get together with the family, we have Filipino food you deserve. One of our best sellers is the Humba Party Tray. What exactly makes it different?

Xpress Eats make sure that we only use fresh and quality meat for your party fix. In every meal we serve for you, we make sure to keep in mind not only the flavors we offer but also your safety. From the proper selection of meat, to sanitary handling, all the way to storing, we had it all figured out for you. Here’s one kitchen tip we always follow: cooking of whole meat should be at 145°F (62.8°C), and the meat must be allowed to rest for at least three minutes before eating. The resting time gives the heat more time to kill any bacteria. Pork should always be cooked to at least the high end of medium because it can carry potentially dangerous worms and parasites. This makes all the difference. 

Xpress Eats herbs and spices are tailored fit in every dish. Herbs and spices have always been used since time immemorial. But they are now playing new and important roles in modern food preparation. Aside from the kick of flavors each offers, they contribute to variety in color and texture as well. Here’s a quick trivia about our Humba: we use spices and herbs to reduce salt and sugar in the mixture. This way, we make the dish healthier for you! Wondering what we use? Check out each tray and what you see will always be what you get with us. 

Xpress Eats uses no extenders or artificial flavors. We serve nothing but all natural Filipino flavors for you. Our classic melt-in-your-mouth Humba is made with local farm fresh ingredients to make sure that you have that classic Cebuano Humba you’ve been wanting for days. 

Wondering where to order online food in Davao? Simply head onto our website, order your favorites, and we’ll have it delivered to you in no time. Treat yourself with good food once in a while. You deserve it. 

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