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Xpress Eats Davao: Serving More Filipino Comfort Food Your Way

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Express Eats Davao

For the month of August, you have let us be a part of your everyday lives through ordering quick and healthy meals with us. On days when everything seems a bit overwhelming, with keeping up on work deadlines, making sure the kids are ready for their online classes, and having to attend one meeting after the other, Xpress Eats is only a tap away. Each of our meals are carefully curated to make sure you have enough energy to last for the day. We are now brewing something even more special your way. 

Celebrating at home? With a menu set to warm your soul, Xpress Eats have been offering food trays for small, intimate celebrations with family and friends. With  farm fresh ingredients, each tray we offered made your family and friends fully satisfied. Our food trays include choices from our Creamy Mushroom Carbonara with fresh basil that gives the dish the burst of flavors of earthiness and home you love, a tasty, crispy homemade fried chicken with thick and rich gravy which we were told, were  the kids’ favorite, a warm melt-in-your mouth humba goodness with loads of banana blossoms for an extra kick of savory, a tray of  buttered stir fried vegetables rich of flavors and texture, and of course, any Filipino parties won’t be complete without a tray full of rice. For the next few days, stay tuned on our page and website to know what we are brewing to add in the mix. We guarantee that with what we will be offering next, it will be one intimate get together everyone won’t soon forget. 

Need a quick and healthy lunch? We understand that with your busy schedule, you deserve nothing but quick and hearty meals that refreshes the soul. With this in mind, Xpress Eats launched budget-friendly, warm, and comfort food your way. For busy people who needs on-the-go delicious meal packs, the first batch of our exciting menu included choices from; a tender, fall-off-the-bone, juicy Chicken Adobo with Egg, or an extra crispy fried Bangus with a hefty amount of onion rings great to start your day, or  a meaty, tasty, Burger Steak with thick and rich gravy and mushrooms just like what Mom serves for dinner. Either of these choices will be paired with buttered stir fried vegetables to ensure that your body gets that much needed extra vitamins and minerals for the day. And of course, a hearty portion of rice just because rice is life. For our upcoming set, we will be introducing new flavors and combinations your way! Perfect for the lunch baon of the kids now that online school is already starting. 

We are innovating our way in the kitchen to give more authentic local flavors your way. For the next months, we will be serving indulgent flavors by the region to the region in Xpress Eats Davao. So sit back and relax as we give you comforting meals fit for any occasion. Dig in to our super sulit meals!

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