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Xpress Eats: Making Meals Easy

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Healthy Meal Kit Plan

It has already been four long months since the first lockdown in our City has been announced. But still, the number of positive cases keep on rising by the day. In fact, as of July 14, the number of positive coronavirus cases has now skyrocketed to 57, 545 in the Philippines alone. In the world, we now have recorded 13.2 Million with more than 500,000 deaths. This current global trend has led most of us to stay home in order to be safe. If before, we thought we were invincible to these kinds of problems, 2020 had something else in store for us. No matter how advanced our research and technology these days are, we are not as indomitable as we thought we were.

Let’s be honest. Staying home all the time has blurred the lines between work, personal, and family life. This affects all of us but most especially, the parents. With the school year  about to start, keeping up with all the work load, and taking care of the kids, one can only do so much. This is why affordable eateries, one that has fast delivery food online has been our saving grace these days.  This is the reason why Xpress Eats Davao budded. With this, we also want nothing but to serve each and every home the authentic Filipino food you deserve.

Easy and convenient. Ordering with us will only take three to five minutes of your time. Simply head on to our website, choose what you want, proceed to checkout, pay your order (we prefer cashless transactions in order to keep you safe) and we will have it prepared the way you want it to be. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner we have you covered. If you are also preparing for a small intimate affair with the family, we have party trays conveniently prepared for you. From your all time favorite Humba all the way to a creamy, cheesy carbonara the kids often request, you can have it in no time.

Fast. We understand that more than the quality home made food we offer, delivery time and handling time are of great significance. We have intricately followed a process to make sure that our partner riders can deliver your meals warm and fresh just like how it should be. Aside from this, we also made sure that each rider is armed with the right safety precautions when handling your food. Masks, gloves, and a contactless delivery is what we follow.

Healthy. Each of our meals are coupled with a Buttered Stir Fried Vegetable. We understand that everything can be overwhelming these days and we need all the energy we can muster in order to get by. We are making our way into becoming one of the best home cooked restos in Davao and while we make sure you have delicious comfort meals, we also make sure that each dish serves a balanced diet of greens, protein, and vitamins.

Buy homemade food online through Xpress Eats Davao and we assure you of a service you no less than deserve. Simply head on to our website and let us do the magic for you. 

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