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Xpress Eats: On-the-Go Healthy Meals Right to your Doorstep

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In Davao Region alone, there are already 762 confirmed coronavirus cases with 34 recorded deaths. Davao City has recently shifted to a Modified Community Quarantine but in its first 15 days, is now being advised to revert back to a General Community Quarantine. This is how fast the virus is taking over our land. This is why these days, more than ever, we have to be extra careful. Staying at home and doing things remotely is a must despite all the consequences we have to face in the midst of this all.

Admit it, preparing meals three times a day is taking its toll on you. Unlike before when most of us were usually out of our houses for work or school, we now all have to stay at home. This means the stress on work, family matters, and kids’ education is weighing on us without anywhere to go to. On top of that, we also have to make sure to serve meals three times a day while catching up with deadlines at work. With all these, we tend to want to take the easy way out and order the usual favorites: fast food.

But in as much as we glorify the convenience fast food offers, it is undeniable that most meals they offer are oily and greasy. While this may satisfy our cravings, is this really the way to go? If you know where to look, there are actually home cooked online delivery you can choose from. Whether it is an extra crispy fried chicken you want or a luscious Humba with Banana Blossoms, the choices to play with can be a refreshing approach to your family. Not to mention, most fast food has a rather slow delivery. It takes quite a time for them to go to your house and deliver the food you ordered. This may disrupt your schedule and compromise the time allotted for work or school. In a time like this, we have to be extra mindful of planning.

When we get tired of our usual orders, we sometimes like to shake things up a bit and order something new. But more often than not we get disappointed and order the usual again. This can be quite a chore especially to the kids. Having the same dish over and over can affect our appetite.

Xpress Eats is a Davao new restaurant that offers home cooked food up for delivery, pick-up, or curbside. We want nothing but to bring to you the authentic Filipino food you deserve. With each of our meals seasoned and carefully prepared, we can assure you dishes with no cheat ingredients or extenders. We respect our cuisine more than anything. With that came the goal that each Filipino dish we serve is from our local lands. Whether it is the kids’ favorite Fried Chicken and Carbonara or the classic Adobong Manok you order from us, it will be a treat you no less than deserve. Spend your day with us and make it Xtra special with Xpress Eats. Happy eating!

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