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Xpress Eats: Our Story

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Express Eats Davao

“There is a strong link between scents and emotional memory,” this is what Reid, C.A. eloquently said in his article entitled, “Scent Evoked Nostalgia.” The smell of food can evoke vivid and detailed emotional memories of our past. This leads us to enjoy certain kinds of food more than the other.  We tend to associate a specific dish or meal with members of our family, social gatherings, and people taking care of us. When we feel lonely, we crave these foods to give us comfort and security. That is, comfort food’s power may lie primarily in the associations it calls to mind, memories of secure attachment. This is the kind of comfort Xpress Eats have always envisioned to give to each and everyone of you. 

Davao food delivery has been up and active for years now. The onset of the coronavirus has merely magnified apparently how essential they are. But as the months move forward, we are certain most of you have grown tired of fast food and typical online food. These days, most of you now miss the warm, home cooked meal that tastes like home. This is where eateries come in-- homey, simple, and delicious meals that are all ready-to-eat and affordable. Eateries are close to every Filipino hearts. It is where most of us prefer to eat on a lunch break or a rainy day, ordering away without having to worry about our check cause they are so affordable. With their warm meals and soothing soups,  it’s definitely a must have for most of us. 

Xpress Eats, is an online food delivery in Davao where you can order Filipino food you deserve. But among all food deliveries, what sets us apart? We are an online metropolitan eatery that serves warm, fresh, home cooked meals sulit for any household. We recently opened to the public last July and since then, we have been innovating our way in the kitchen to serve more exciting local tastes to everyone. 

Xpress Eats Davao food menu includes both single meals and party trays to make sure we can cater to your every need. From on-the-go meals like our classic adobo, burger steak, fried bangus, all paired with our stir-fried vegetables all the way to our scrumptious food trays that include our extra crispy fried chicken, cheesy carbonara, melt-in-your mouth Humba, and so much more, we want nothing but quality food for you and your family.  

Our goal is simple: to serve Filipino home cooked meals to your home. This is with the hope that in one way or another we can help you in the midst of this chaos. Perhaps you have been having a hard time at work and you still have kids to feed. When this happens, we want you to think of us. Simply head on to our website, order the meals you and the kids want, and then relax and do what you have to. We’ll deliver what you need in no time. We may not know when the pandemic will end, but we are certain that this, just like everything else, shall pass too. For today, let us help you. For healthy, affordable home cooked meals, simply head on to Xpress Eats Davao. It will be a pleasure to serve you. Dig in!

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