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Xpress Eats: Taking Online Food Delivery Up a Notch

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Ordering food online can be quite exciting the first few times you do it. Wondering what favorite restaurants you want to eat from, digging into that fast food goodness, and just ordering what comes first to mind. But as time passes by our palettes begin to crave for something more healthy, familiar, and homey. A combination of rich flavors we always look for. 

It has now been exactly five months (5) since the series of lockdowns were implemented in our country. The onset of the pandemic completely changed the way we lived our lives. From having the time to pause for a while and enjoy the day, we were thrown right into a whirlwind of deadlines, working until the wee hours of the day, and more often than not forgetting to take the time off to pause and grab a quick bite of food. This resulted in more and more families who opt to order food online and avail of its convenient home delivery. While this is the  most convenient way to eat, surely there are other ways to enjoy good food without compromising health and quality?

Xpress Eats, a Davao online food and delivery, first opened its doors to the public last June 2020. Ever since then, we made sure to keep on offering home cooked meals to each and every house that reaches out to us. No unhealthy extenders and preservatives in your meals. Only specially curated dishes with nothing but fresh, homegrown ingredients. If you are still having second thoughts on what we offer, here are five reasons why home cooked meals are way better than your usual go-to fast food offers: 

Home Cooked meals make us happier. Research finds that people who eat home-cooked meals on a regular basis tend to be happier and healthier and consume less sugar and processed foods. This can result in higher energy levels and better mental health. Eating home-cooked meals five or more days a week is even associated with a longer life. So make sure to head on to Xpress Eats and order your very own home cooked meal today!

Reconnects you to your heritage. Food is a cornerstone of culture. Reconnect to your family history by exploring nostalgic and homey tastes brought to you by Xpress Eats’ home cooked meals. They say of all the senses, the sense of smell is the first one to remember. So recreate more and more memories with great food! It will be one treasure that can never be taken away from you. 

Saves Money. By buying home cooked meals instead of those classy gourmet dishes, you make sure to have some more savings for later. In Xpress Eats, we believe that good, quality food doesn’t have to be that pricey.

Home cooked meals are healthier. With no additional preservatives and only all natural freshness of ingredients to dig in to, home cooked meals are packed with our much needed vitamins and minerals. Here in Xpress Eats, we make sure to pair all of our on-the-go single pack meals with stir fried vegetables to ensure that you have enough energy to last through the day.

Brings family together. Studies show that when we eat together, our kids and family are much healthier. Eating together is linked to less obesity, kids doing better in school, and less substance abuse within the family. With home cooked meals delivered right to your doorstep, bonding with the family has never been this easy. 

Xpress Eats, we were told, is one of the best lutong bahay foods in Davao. Don’t miss out on what we offer! Treat yourself and your family to that soulful and authentic Filipino food you’ve been wanting. You deserve it.

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