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Xpress Meals in Your Weekly Meal Planning

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healthy Food Trays in Davao

The Davao online food and delivery industry has been booming since the onset of the pandemic. More and more people began to realize the convenience this brings and the benefits you get seems pretty endless. With this also came so many options to order your very own healthy meal in Davao. Now, making your own meal plan has never been this easy. Meal planning is the simple act of taking some time to plan any number of your meals for the week. Plan for yourself or plan for your family. Plan to eat healthy, and plan a night out. Plan every snack and meal, or simply plan your lunches so you don’t spend money on restaurant food during the week. It doesn’t really matter what you plan, as long as you think about it. The goal is not to start from zero for every single meal. To make this even easier, here are some Xpress Eats dishes you should definitely put in your next meal plan:

Xpress Buffalo Chicken Wings. Buffalo chicken wings are fried chicken wings coated with a hot and tangy sauce. Buffalo chicken wings are traditionally fried without any breading. In order to tickle your senses some more, Xpress Eats opted to add breading in this mix. With a sour cream dip and just the right amount of spice, it surely will be a crowd’s favorite. 

Fried Fish Fillet with Tausi Sauce. This tasty fried fish recipe is made with the basic harmony between flour and seasoning. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This is often one of the dishes you can easily mess up. Order one at Xpress Eats and enjoy this with a beautiful, crispy golden crust and juicy flesh inside. Paired up with our special tartar sauce, it will be one special dish on the table. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs. A juicy goodness of meat, onions, breadcrumbs, egg, butter, cheese, and our homemade sauce, serve this dish on a Sunday lunch and the kids will surely love you more than they already do. 

Spaghetti Carbonara. Our homemade pasta carbonara is one treat for you and the family. Packed with crispy bacon and mixed with the creamiest sauce, the young ones and young at heart will surely love this to bits. 

Chicken Adobo with Boiled egg and Stir-fried vegetables served with Steamed rice. One of the best pairs in our selection, enjoy a fall-off-the-bone tenderness in our meat marinated in a well balanced season of soy sauce, garlic, pepper, and vinegar. Browned in oil and simmered to more spices, each bite will surely be a hit for the kids. This will make a great baon for busy Dads out there too. 

Pork Barbeque and papaya pickle served with steamed rice. Want something off the grill in the middle of the day? We have you covered. With carefully thin slices to ensure proper cooking, marinated in a mixture of Xpress special seasoning and spices, enjoy this Filipino favorite wherever, whenever with Xpress Eats Davao.

With all these affordable healthy food trays in Davao, you no longer have to worry what to eat for your next meal! Simply look us up at Xpress Eats Davao, order what you want, and we’ll deliver it to you in a heartbeat. 

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