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Xpress Party Rice Platters for the Family

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Beef Caldereta with Malagos Kesong Puti

Data from the 2016 Food Consumption and Nutrition Report of the PSA indicate that rice contributed the highest content of calories and protein to the average Filipino’s daily food intake in 2015. It was the top source of calories, contributing 1,097.99 grams per person per day. For comparison of the per capita supply of calories, only 176.89 grams came from pork, 91.96 grams from chicken, 17.26 grams from beef, and 8.51 from fish. For many Filipinos, rice is life. This has been ingrained not only to our everyday meals but also to our culture. It is an identity, it gives bulk of carbohydrates which is perfect especially for those who do hard labor, and of course it goes with any meal. Due to this, there are now many affordable rice platters in Davao. As a result, ordering party trays online in Davao can be quite overwhelming. With so many choices to choose from, here are some Xpress Eats pre-picked pairs perfect for your next salo-salo. 

Steamed Rice paired with Kare-Kareng Gulay and Lechon Kawali. A crispy deep-fried pork, paired with a healthy take on the Filipino favorite Kare-Kare. These tied together with a hearty amount of rice and let’s be honest, it could not get better than this. Feast on this delight with Xpress Eats’ lutong bahay offers and make meetings, personal gatherings, or a simple intimate dinner with the family more special and memorable for everyone. 

Vegetable Fried Rice and Beef Caldereta with Malagos Kesong Puti. Our Xpress vegetable fried rice is as flavorful as it is colorful. This is exactly what you need when you are craving for a healthy and scrumptious meal. Our Xpress Beef Caldereta is made even tastier and creamier with the signature Malagos Kesong Puti. A complete Filipino meal experience for you and the family. 

Chorizo Fried Rice and Fried Vegetable Spring Roll. This combination is the best especially if you are having an early morning activity. With all your favorites combined in one dish, this drool worthy breakfast is definitely one you should not miss out. 

Adobo Fried Rice and All Meat Combo. Xpress Eats also offers an all meat combo party tray which has Lechon Kawali, Fried Siomai, fried Garlic Butter Chicken, and Vegetable Lumpia served with Sukang Sinamak and Sweet Chili Sauce all in one tray. The perfect pair for the most flavorful, appetizing, and satisfying rice you can ever make. Make your meals a bit more exciting with this one of a kind symphony of flavors. 

For Filipinos, it cannot be denied that rice is life. A meal just doesn’t feel complete without it. Make each meal even tastier and more colorful with the variety of offers by Xpress Eats. From the tasty adobo fried rice all the way to the healthy vegetable fried rice, our affordable rice platters in Davao are ones you definitely deserve.  Tagged by many as one who offers the best Party tray in Davao due to our sulit prices and finger lickin good flavors, make moments at home extra special with flavors by the region to the region. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself and grab one today! Simply head on to Xpress Eats and we’ll deliver it to you in no time. 

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